solo travel

When people learn that I do most of my traveling alone, I’m always met with the same questions. Aren’t you scared? Don’t you get lonely?

The answer to both is absolutely yes, sometimes, but never enough to stop me. Traveling alone is such a unique type of experience, and one that I feel has helped me become a much more confident person. Confident to be outgoing, but also confident in my quietness. This article really hit the nail on the head.

Love this part:

“Being shy also makes me passive. Unable to stand up for myself or say what I want, I have a tendency to go along with a group. I’ll say yes, or “I don’t mind”, or “you choose” – even when I really do have a preference. Because of that, I’ve gone on some adventures that I never otherwise would have. Saying yes to things I wanted to say no to has led me to discover some amazing things, meet great people, or find myself in the kind of crazy situation that leads to a great story.

I used to think being passive was a bad thing. But it’s really not. It’s just a different way to travel, and one that comes with real freedom in a way. So don’t ever wish you were less shy or less passive. Own your shyness and be proud of who you are. It might take you places you’d never have made it to otherwise!”

Being shy isn’t something you need to change, it’s a special skill that you were gifted with. It makes us different and that’s a good thing!

Plus, I love the idea of using a patronus! Why hadn’t I ever thought of that! 


Thanks for the wonderful read Emily!

Click the image above or right here to read her wonderful article.